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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ title by Louivi

1.What programs do you use?
I use Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS6

2.What kind of graphics tablet do you use for drawing?
Wacom Cintiq 13HD

3.a)Can I use your artworks? b)Recolour? c)Use as referense
a)Sure, feel free to use it as icons on the Social NET.
b)Yes, but give me a CREDIT please.:heart:
c)Yes, but give me a CREDIT please. :heart:

4.Can I use your characters?
NO. My characters belong to me. Create your own and be happy!:heart:

5.Did you go to art school?
No, but was at Studio of Arts.I went there for 2 years and got nothing at the end cuz I was lazy :D

6.Can I redraw your artworks?
Em...No. Try to draw by yourself.

7.How are you?
I'm fine, thanks.

8.Can we be friends?
Wanna be friends?You should talk to me more often than you do :D
If you want to know me better- just NOTE me :)

9.I watched you!Watch me back!
If I like your artworks I will :)

10.When you start drawing?

11.Your favourite artists?

12.Can I create the characters look similiar to yours?
No.Be original!

13.Can I use your pictures for selling clothes?
Note me.

14.Can I use your characters for roleplay?
No. Create your own.

15. Can I tag you?
Yeah,sure! I love tags ;_;

16.How Mittens and you met?
It was 2011. She came here, created account. I asked her to be my friend and so we are :D

17. How long you here on DA?
Since 2009


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Artist | Student | Film & Animation

And welcome to my gallery!
My nickname is Tishka[Tee-shka].You can call me Tivka/Tuvka/TWK :D I love drawing :)
I like to draw wolves, any canine, feline , cartoon characters and other things :D
I'm not furry but I also adore to draw them too :>
If you're bored, sad or you want to know me better -just Note me and we will talk about everything you want.

Товарищ! Приветствую тебя в своей галерее. :)
Мой никнейм читается как Тишка. Можешь называть меня Тишка/Тивка/Тувка.
Я люблю рисовать. Рисую в основном собачьих, кошачьих, если удается , то и других животных тоже. Люблю рисовать фан-арты, так же людей и мультяшных персонажей.
Я не фуррь, но бывает наслаждаюсь процессом их рисования :)
Если тебе скучно\не с кем поговорить/ или хочешь просто подружиться- напиши мне в Ноты.

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OC meme

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 4, 2016, 5:23 AM


It's me again. I'm happy! I've finished 25+ Christmas little gifts for some persons :3
Now I want to make an interesting meme :3

Stolen from the guy~
Can't remember his nickname ;_;

1) First list 6+ of your OCs by first name so we can see your list of all your wonderful OCs:


2) Who is your favorite OC?
Deez :D

3) Who is your least favorite?
Too hard to choose. I don't know =\ May be it's Skinny. I can't uncover her temper and she's still big mystery for me.

4) Who is your most developed?
Kcharo. He is the one whose history is more developed than others.

5) Which OC would you want to date if they magically came to life?
Kcharo :D 

6) How many girl OCs do you have? Boy OCs?
four boys and four girls .

7) If you were stuck in a burning building what do you think the third OC on your list would do?
Well, I think Meshikiara wouldn't stay , she'd go to save me. 

8) Name one thing you regret about one of your OCs.
I killed Kcharo and other my characters in my novel. I'm so sorry.

9) Which of your OCs do you think would make the best father/mother/it parent out of all your OCs and why?
I think Kcharo will be a great father. He's wise and can teach his pups how to live. And I think Meshikiara could be best mother. She would never let her pups suffer.

10) Which of your OCs do you think will most likely be put in jail?
Ahaha :'D Kcharo of course. He killed a lot of persons, so... He could be in jail.

11) The Fifth of your OCs was put into the future! What will their job be?!
Well,I don't know :C

12) Name the first OCs catch phrase! (if they don't have one just make one up)

13) Do all your OCs live together or are they separated?
They are live together. Well, they
were ..

14) Are there any pairings that are in your OC list? (they can't be with someone else's).
Well, yes. Dusty and Wyatt. Hiro and Kcharo ^__^

15) Your Fourth OC switched bodies with you for a day! How will they react at the end of the day?
Ahah, well it's funny. Because the 4th character is my Deez. Actually it's I am :D I think there will be no bad reactions.

16) Your second OC just became a fifteen year old. What do they do?
Mystery... I think she would never be singing and that's all.

17) Now randomly select a person on your OC list. Who was it?

18) That OC you just chose? Yeah they think they are superman (even if they are a girl) and are on the roof about to jump off.
I think Deez can think about it and yes she could jump :D

19) Are any of your OCs bored of this meme?

20) Would your second OC prefer the beach or the mountains?

21) Would your first OC battle a shark?
Dusty?Never. She's too weak and too kind. 

22) Which OCs hate each other?
Kcharo. Well he used to be... But now he really loves all of them. They are big family.

23) Which OC did you create first? And last?
The first was Dusty. And the last one is Deez. 

25) And if those two were fighting, who would win?
Deez would win.

26) Are your OCs fat or skinny?
They are fluffy. Not fat :D 

27) What are your first 2 OC's favorite foods?
They both love meat :>

28) If your listed OCs were in a fight to the death, who would emerge victorious?
Ohh my! Kcharo would be a winner.

29) What OC smells nicest? What is it?
Dusty ^_^ Smell of flowers.

30) There's a zombie attack and your OCs are stranded. Who do they elect to be their leader?
Ohhohohohoh. My novel is about zombies :L

Kharo will be their leader.

31) During said zombie attack, who's the first to die?




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Love box. They're good guys!


My characters

OC: Charsie by TUWKAOC:Deez by TUWKAOC: Hiro by TUWKAOC:Dusty by TUWKAOC:Wyatt by TUWKAOC:Meshikiara by TUWKAOC:Skinny by TUWKAOC:Kcharo by TUWKA



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LadySunny16 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
when you see one of your fave artists view your page and your like "HOLY FRICK WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN THIS SHIT HOLE YOU ANGEL!?!?" haha hello! I am Sunny and i saw you (and oddly enough Mittens who i also adore!) viewed my page and thats how i reacted! i thought it was funny lol thanks for checking me out tho!
TUWKA Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Filmographer
;__; Awwhh , helloo there, I'm Tuwka :'D Nice to see you here ^____^
x'D Aahha I feel the same way when some of my idols visiting my page ;0
Your welcome, dear, you've got a new watcher <3 You have a really cool style of art)
LadySunny16 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
oh my gaga your so freaking sweet thank you hun!! this means the world to me like wow thank you!!! :huggle: :heart:
but your totally worth your idols visiting your page! your amazingly talented!!
Ryansmither1 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  New Deviant
can you make a animation of a wolf, husky and dog slide on their butt or bottom for me soon please?
and can you draw Lady and Tramp howl at the moon in that nice art for me please? after your you get more picutres
TUWKA Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Student Filmographer
Hello =) My commissions are closed at the moment , sorry :3
Ryansmither1 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  New Deviant
oh that means you can't draw Lady and Tramp howl at the moon and make a animation of a wolf, husky and dog slide on their butt or bottom
blowber Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016   Filmographer
I've been looking through your gallery for inspiration. :love: Maybe we could collab one day.
TUWKA Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Student Filmographer
aww ;__;
Of course we can do it one day <3
Brontonia Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2016
Aaa! Your page looks lovely dear! I love the new little walking Deez animation La la la la 
How have you been with exams and projects lately? ^^
TUWKA Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Student Filmographer
AAAAAAAAAHh I really glad! I like when page looks cozy :>
Thanks <3
Ohh no, I haven't , my exams starts after Christmas Holidays ;0 (Yeah, that's quite not good to students). About my projects, well, I decided to delay them because I have a lot of commissions and need them to be done)
How are you there ?:3
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